Doutorado (Ph.D.) a joint program of Baptist Bible Seminary (Clarks Summit University) and Instituto Aubrew Clark (SIBIMA).


  • The Doctor of Philosophy degree at Baptist Bible Seminary is an advanced professional ministry program that gives you the competent ability to engage in thorough research and writing. The Ph.D. is considered the terminal degree for those who teach higher-level education courses, as well as missionary educators, international academic leaders, and pastors who desire to have a strong teaching ministry.
  • The degree program requires 60 credit hours of study, including a doctoral dissertation. For those possessing a Th.M. degree, the Ph.D. program is 38 credit hour program. Credits may be flexible depending on your previous theological education.
      • As a student in the Ph.D. program, you can specialize your program to fit your ministry needs. Focus in the areas of Old Testament, New Testament, Systematic Theology, or Bible Exposition.

    Why a Ph.D and not a D.Min? What is the difference between a Ph.D and a D.Min? See the table below.

        • Ph.D. Concentration:

        • OLD TESTAMENT – The focus of the Old Testament concentration is analyzing and mastering the Hebrew language for sufficient translation and theological understanding. Courses in biblical Aramaic, ancient culture, and textual criticism are included in the concentration, giving you a deep understanding of the Old Testament.

        • NEW TESTAMENT – The New Testament concentration emphasizes a sound understanding of historical and cultural implications of the New Testament. Courses included in the concentration focus on linguistics, textual criticism, and in-depth exegetical studies of New Testament literature.

        • SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY – As a student in the Systematic Theology concentration, you will address historical and contemporary issues in theology. Practical skills are gained as you learn to teach theology cross-culturally. Special attention is paid to teaching in the postmodern culture.

        • BIBLE EXPOSITION – Detailed study of each Old Testament and New Testament books is the focus of the Bible Exposition concentration. You will study biblical concepts as well as issues in hermeneutics and exegesis. Biblical analysis of history, culture, archaeology and chronology give you the fullest understanding of the biblical texts and the tools for exposition.

          Formats and Features:

        • The Doctor of Philosophy degree is a non-resident program offered in one-week, on-campus modules. This flexibility allows you to continue in your current ministry without having to relocate your family or take a long-term leave of absence.

        • The program is a hybrid of both classroom lecture and online learning. Each 13-week course requires one week of internal residency. Students come to the SIBIMA campus for one-week intensive classes. Internal residence weeks include about 26 hours of instructions and are held in January and July.

        • As an in-service degree program, the Ph.D. can be earned while you continue in your professional ministry setting. The program may also be completed in much less time by living in the area and carrying a larger load of courses.

          Ph.D. Requirements:

        • Baptist Bible Seminary exists to train students in biblical doctrines and scriptural applications for excellence in leadership. BBS is open to men and women desiring to grow their faith and deepen their ministry in an academic setting.

        • A Master of Divinity degree is required for entrance into the Ph.D. program. Other master’s degrees may be utilized and supplemented with additional coursework. Your M.Div. must have prepared you with Greek and Hebrew language study to use in Bible study and research. BBS will work with you on biblical language reviews for assistance in this area. You must have earned a grade point average of 3.0 in all graduate studies to enter the Ph.D. program. Transcripts must be sent from all previous undergraduate and graduate-level studies.

        • An oral interview with a faculty committee will be conducted prior to admission. A written statement of agreement with the articles of doctrine of Baptist Bible Seminary must also be submitted.

        • The general requirements for entrance as a student into Baptist Bible Seminary apply to all doctoral students.

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          Ph.D. Core Courses:

        • OT1 – Seminar in OT Hermeneutics and Exegetical Method

        • NT1 – Seminar in NT Hermeneutics and Exegetical Method

        • TH1 – Seminar in Advanced Theological Method

        • BI1 – Advanced Bible Teaching and Communication Methods

        • MP1 – Developing Effective Leadership Skills*

        • MP2 – The Centrality of Scripture in Ministry*

        • MP3 – Current Trends in Global Ministry*

      • *Only one of these courses is required.